Commercial Deal Service.

Commercial Deals can secure that big client that may turn your business around or provide the key spur to impact greatly on your turn over and take your business into a new higher level of trading. Public sector companies in this new age of commercialisation are also relying on commercial deals involving private sector backing to provide a lifeline in securing long term survival and sustainability.

Commercial deals within the private sector:

We can identify key targets within your industry, the dream wish list that you have long had of companies that you would like to deal with or supply to can turn into the reality of a trading situation. Our commercial deal service identifies those companies or uses your database to compile intelligence on those companies and built a strategy to get you in front of the client, we will;

  • Compile the marketing materials.
  • Communicate your message
  • Talk to the target company
  • Compile your presentation.
  • Get you in front of the target company.
  • We will even do the pitch with you!


Commercial deals for public sector bodies:

Commercial deals and commercialisation are becoming common place within the public sector with budgets becoming ever tighter and the need to subsidise those budgets with private sector money very important. For example devising commercial deals that encompass sponsorship, hospitality, shared marketing channels, introduction to new business and joint PR initiatives as well as lucrative online marketing coupled with database sharing can become a key marketing strategy for the private sector and provide valuable subsidy to public sector budgets.





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