Dynamic web sites are the new craze in web design.

Imagine your company or organization need to update product features, latest news pages or photos when YOU want to. A dynamic site allows you to have different log-in accounts for as many people as you need, with each login having different limitations.

For example: You want all your staff to see a report but don't want it to go live for Joe public to see??? Simple, when you add it to a easy to use Dynamic site, simply click a box that says... 'staff veiw only'... thats it...so simple.

Dynamic sites are Ideal for Schools and Nurserys as it allows you to comply with the child protection act. Put up pictures for the wholes school to see without the worry of the public veiwing them. Allow pupils to upload their own work...worried about the spelling and grammer...Have it set so only a member of staff can make it go live!

An Example

A new junior School in Ammanford.

Ysgol Y Bedol wanted a site in both Welsh and English that allowed teachers & pupils to upload their own work & photos.

As with any child associated organization, this website had to comply with the Child Protection Act, so three log-in accounts were created... Administrator/Teacher/Pupil

Pupils can add articles and work to the website with ease, however it won't go live until a teacher log's in, checks it and submits it to the web.

The whole site can be updated wherever and whenever a teacher or Administrator wants to, with each item added, having child protection veiwing options. This allows the staff to choose who can veiw each item...

Public /Just School / Just Teachers.

A safe website that allows the children to be part of its creation!

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