eCast™ is a new innovation from Oren specialists and allows your latest information on sales, offers, stock availability and invitation to events and company corporate days to be mass emailed to your client email database.

It can work from your stand alone email account or as a valuable marketing tool from your web site or portal.

Why have a web site, products and services that no one knows about? eCast™ your latest information for measurable ways to target extra sales and service up take.

Coupled with our Oren Stats package this is target marketed focusing at its infinite.

Case Study:

Local tourism business.

Filling the inevitable off peak period in the seasonal tourism world can be an operator's worst nightmare. Our client found our eCast™ solution easy to learn and operate and a valuable must have marketing tool to increase repeat business and sell off peak short breaks.

We simply designed a digital offer and told the world!

Retail home centre.

Again the seasonality issues of selling for garden, house and home provided headaches with marketing time, mailing costs and the instant recording of results. The Oren e-Cast solution allowed seasonal garden offers to be sold increasing sales of the offer and driving more hits to the web site, creating better general sales into the bargain.

The Oren team of specialists tailor made, trained staff while producing the digital graphics for the eCast™.

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